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Improving Digital Access to Primary Care across 292 practices in West Yorkshire

292 GP practices across six CCGs in West Yorkshire are benefitting from a new partnership with Iatro Partners (iatro.) that provides accessibility audits, support and new website development for practices that do not meet the legal requirements for accessibility.

Digital access to Primary Care is more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. GP practice websites are the digital front door for patients to receive information and communicate with the GP Practice, and it’s vital that the websites are accessible to as many patients as possible irrespective of condition.

The importance of website accessibility is reflected in recent legislative changes that affect all GP Practices in the UK. The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018, and the H&SC Accessible Information Standard requires all GP Practice website to support equitable access to information and services for people who have a disability, impairment or sensory loss.

Unfortunately, many GP Practices in the UK do not adhere to full accessibility standards. To address this challenge, Leeds CCG set up a project spanning 7 CCG’s across West Yorkshire to conduct a two-phase plan, whereby a full accessibility audit on the practice websites across the region was completed to identify improvements, followed by a website development project to bring all GP Practices up to the required standards. The project covers NHS Bradford District and Craven CCG, NHS Calderdale CCG, NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG, NHS Leeds CCG, NHS North Kirklees CCG and NHS Wakefield CCG, and is being delivered in partnership by South and East Leeds GP Federation (SEL) and Iatro Partners.

Speaking about the project, Ciara Dunne (O’Grady) from South & East Leeds GP Group (SEL GP) said “We recognised that across the region, there was an inconsistency in the quality and accessibility of the GP Practice websites. We wanted to make sure that a person’s condition, whether it be dyslexia or visual impairments for example, wouldn’t be a barrier to accessing Primary Care. Iatro helped us complete a full and comprehensive review of the accessibility offered across the region, and we’re now working to develop new websites that tick all the boxes for accessibility, with additional benefits too such as mobile friendly design and central publication of content. 

We’ve been really happy with Iatro’s support and delivery on the project. They’ve been ultra-responsive and proactive and deal with requests quickly, with an open and transparent partnership approach. The quality of the websites is also fantastic”.

Thomas Porteus, CEO of Iatro, said “the recent legislative changes to accessibility haven’t been widely promoted, so many practices simply aren’t aware that they may not be compliant. Irrespective of the legalities, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the importance having a reliable, well designed and accessible website is to ensure equitable access and care is provided for patients.  We’re delighted to have helped the region maximise the quality and effectiveness of their digital front door”.

About iatro.: iatro works with organisations to deliver disruptive digital solutions through the use of intelligent platforms – easily and without significant investment. Iatro’s Practice365 Website and App solution is used by practices across the UK. 


Iatro and HCI improve patient experience in primary care with new integration

Iatro’s online platform, Practice365, is now offering seamless integration with HCI’s national Health and Care Video Library, made free for NHS use as part of NHSX’s COVID-19 response.

Already offering digital signposting to services such as eConsult, EMIS, SystmOnline and more, Iatro’s accessible websites for medical practice have now added another tool to improve patient experience and help manage demand.

Practice365 forms part of Iatro’s offering to general practice that allows effortless collaboration and accessible communication to improve patient outcomes.

Their secure, NHS approved website platform and templates now include integrated signposting to HCI’s library of over 600 health and care information videos that have been written by NHS clinicians and developed to work within care pathways.

The videos have had fantastic feedback from NHS staff and patients alike, and can help:

  • support patients with the self-management of conditions, reducing the number of appointments needed.
  • prepare patients for remote or face-to-face consultations so that more time during the appointment can be spent on treatment and care.
  • facilitate rehabilitation and recovery with fewer follow-up appointments.

Thomas Porteus, CEO of Iatro says “The Digital Front Door has never been more important for practices. The addition of the Health and Care Video Library to Practice365, is a step change in practices ability to educate patients digitally as part of the online journey.”

Richard Wyatt-Haines, Founder and Director of HCI, a partnership with Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust said

“I’m delighted to share news of our latest collaboration for primary care. With Iatro we have made it even easier for general practices to signpost patients to our healthcare videos so that their patients can feel more empowered to manage their health and information can be provided at the right point in the care journey, saving time for practice staff and patients”

HCI has already helped the many Trusts they work with achieve an 80% reduction in angiogram pre-op clinic time, 500 hours saving a year in pre-diabetic consultations, a 25% reduction in podiatry appointment times, and five minutes less time spent explaining inhaler techniques thanks to the videos.

For more information about Iatro and their digital platforms, please visit

To learn more about HCI and the national Health and Care Video Library, visit

The national Health and Care Video Library can be found at or accessed via the Health and Care Videos app.

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Four Ways Your NHS GP Medical Practice Can Benefit from an Intranet Platform

Modern healthcare is all about driving high-quality patient outcomes. Your quality measures are in direct correlation to the efficiency and cohesiveness of your practice.

In order to foster a practice filled with teamwork and communication you need a powerful tool set that brings together all your medical practice’s key stakeholders. An intranet is the perfect way to manage your workforce, bolster employee communication, and improve your operational efficiency. 

What is an intranet?

An intranet is a private website used by employees to communicate with one another, receive important information and updates, and access vital documents. An intranet functions like the internet but on a smaller, more restricted scale. It is limited to company employees and is usually subject to higher security. There may also be HR functions available through your company’s intranet portal. Intranet functions are highly customisable, and no two organisations will have the same exact configuration. 

Four Ways an intranet can help your NHS general practice

A well-implemented intranet helps company leadership provide connectivity and productivity tools to their employees within the context of a safe, internal format. Your NHS general practice can benefit from the added functionality of an all-in-one intranet platform, helping your team to provide exceptional patient care. 

Increases staff competencies and resources

An intranet platform can help to increase your staff’s knowledge base and competency level. One of the primary functions of an internet is to store and categorize forms and information. A centralized repository of information can help you and your practice achieve a greater level of knowledge regarding patient care techniques and regulations.

Improves continuity of care

Another important function of an intranet lies in fostering communication between employees. Internal messaging apps allow doctors, nurses, and administrative staff to easily communicate with one another throughout the episode of care. This level of communication helps establish a more cohesive continuity of care, which in turn reflects upon your patient outcomes. 

Boosts staff collaboration 

Most modern-day intranet platforms feature some kind of social aspect to them. This can include user profiles, micro-blogging, or Facebook-style posts. Incorporating a social dimension to your practice’s operations boosts employee morale and fosters an environment where employees are free to collaborate to improve patient care and are given the tools to achieve that collaboration.

Disseminates updates more quickly

The NHS changes at a constant rate especially given the current challenges facing it. An intranet platform give your practice the ability to quickly and efficiently disseminate key information from wider governmental sources, keeping your practice up-to-date with the latest, most important information possible. 

The Iatro Hub intranet platform

Iatro specializes in online collaboration tools for NHS organisations. The Iatro Hub offers NHS practices a powerful intranet platform to help drive better patient outcomes and coordinate care.


Our intranet gives your practice an unprecedented level of control over groups and users. You can control public versus private content and organise groups with the ability to set permissions on an individual basis. This allows you to group users based on role, giving direct care staff access to sensitive information without leaving administrative staff out of the loop.


Our messaging applications feature a robust set of options for communicating, sharing, and collaborating together in an online format. We give you the ability to customise your messaging options. You can set up groups or one-to-one messaging and even share a diverse set of file type between users.


The Iatro Hub gives you unlimited storage space for your practice’s most important forms and documents. Using our powerful tool set, you can edit files online and monitor updates with built-in change tracking. You can then choose who has access to each document and share them throughout your practice as you see fit. 

Added features 

Iatro Hub gives your practice access to our human resources and project management tools, making our intranet platform an all-in-one stop for your  most important information and functions. 

Communication and collaboration

Patients expect a lot out of your practice. That’s why your practice should expect a lot out of its collaborative tools.

The Iatro Hub brings messaging, file sharing, human resources, project management, and all the information most crucial to your patients’ well-being under one roof.


Iatro Launches VMS to connect GP Practices with isolating patients

Iatro is excited to introduce our new Voice Messaging Service (VMS), the latest product on the Iatro Hub platform, and its release couldn’t come at a better time. With the UK currently under lock-down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, coordinating with home-bound patients, some of which who don’t have or confidently use a mobile phone, can be a unique challenge. Our new VMS service can help GP practices mitigate that difficulty.

How does it work?

The Iatro VMS allows staff to send voice messages to both landline and mobile customers anywhere in the United Kingdom via our online portal. With our easy-to-use interface, you can speak or enter your message using the portal’s tool set. That message travels to its destination where it arrives as an incoming call. Once the recipient answers their phone, our VMS system reads the message out loud to them, and records any responses.

Helping you to reach your patients

The Iatro Voice Messaging System helps you to dramatically extend the reach of your patient communications. The VMS connects you to patients who haven’t adopted mobiles, or live in areas where coverage is difficult, and it allows your office to establish a mutually convenient messaging option with more savvy tech users.

Our Voice Messaging System allows you to establish a quick line of communication with your most difficult to reach patients, a demographic who are at the greatest risk of social isolation. The Iatro VMS allows you to get important information to your patients quickly and easily when they need it the most.

Essential messaging tools

The Iatro VMS includes a set of robust, easy-to-use features designed to make patient contact easier than ever.

Those features include:

  • The ability to send messages to any landline or mobile phone within the UK
  • An answer phone detection feature that ensures your message is received
  • The ability to template messages and responses
  • Reporting and analytics
  • The ability to message from your own telephone number to help avoid confusion and missed contact
  • Customisable caller ID settings
  • Provides the perfect tool for contacting hard-to-reach patients during emergency situations like the COVID-19 pandemic

Driving positive patient outcomes

One of the most important administrative features included with the Voice Messaging System is the reporting feature. With our powerful analytics tool you can see how patients are interacting with VMS, helping you to effectively tailor ongoing messages, capture patient rate of response and peak response times to help your practice use the portal effectively and efficiently, tightening your patient safety net.

Our reporting feature can help you build more positive patient relationships, driving better healthcare outcomes for your practice.

Messaging with safety and security

Our VMS system lets your practice interact with your patients safely and securely. Our web portal is fully encrypted. We feature automatic backups of your data and 24/7 monitoring from our team, as well as a DSP toolkit compliance and cyber essentials.

Make the connection

Iatro is proud to be releasing our Voice Messaging System, especially in this time of great need. With the VMS added to our platform, you can keep in touch with your patients when they need you the most. We invite you to contact us for a tour of our VMS web portal.  

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