Clinical APIs

Clinical Connectivity to Primary Care Data

Helping your organisation speed up interoperability with GP clinical systems. 

Interoperability consultancy services
  • Support to identify which Primary Care interoperability interfaces are suitable and available based on use cases and other requirements.
  • Support in translating options and dynamics in the Primary Care and interoperability space, to advise of pros and cons of different approaches such as GPSoC IM 1, versus Partner Programmes offered by clinical system providers.  
  • Commercial support to assist in negotiations with clinical system providers. 
  • Project support to assist in interoperability applications and projects, via GPSoC IM 1 or Partner Programmes.
GP API Handler
  • Our API Handler enables developers to much easier interoperate with Primary Care clinical systems. 
  • The API uses modern development and web standards and significantly speeds up development work for suppliers. 
  • We offer responsive support for API queries and issues.
  • The API handler can be used with multiple clinical systems, removing the need to develop against multiple interfaces.

Providing an API Handler to ease development

Suppliers wishing to interface with GP clinical systems face a few challenges:

  • Each clinical system provider has built their own unique interfaces, requiring bespoke development work for each clinical system.
  • The interfaces built by clinical systems use old-tech, using windows-based SOAP API’s making integration work difficult for teams.
  • The assurance process for suppliers is often time-intensive and confusing.

We’ve built a modern API layer on top of the API’s offered by the clinical system suppliers IM’s that alleviates these problems in a few ways:

  • The API handler enables software suppliers to build against one API to achieve interoperability across all clinical systems. 
  • Our API is built using modern standards, with a server based model using web based JSON.
  • We provide responsive and helpful support to providers using our API handler, to significantly speed up development time. 

In order to receive assurance to use the interfaces with the clinical systems, suppliers must still receive assurance and accreditation from either the clinical system supplier (if using their proprietary interfaces under their Partner Programme, or from NHS Digital under the GPSoC IM programme). We can support suppliers with their engagement, commercials and application process.

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