QRISK®3 comes to OneContact

Primary Care IT and iatro are pleased to announce the integration ofQRISK®3 calculation within the OneContact platform

OneContact is an NHS Approved (DFOCVC) Online Consultation and Clinical Workflow platform, which allows practices to shape and manage digital demand.

Through our collaboration with the team behind QRISK®3, OneContact now offers a seamless and effortless way for clinicians to calculate QRISK®3 scores using relevant patient data from clinical systems. 

QRISK®3, the NICE preferred cardiovascular risk stratification algorithm, can be calculated by the clinician within OneContact by simply selecting the patient.

Relevant data is then retrieved dynamically from the clinical system, and the QRISK®3 score calculated. The resultant score is the coded back to the clinical system.  Depending on the clinicians interpretation, they can opt to send information and advice to the patients helping to explain what their risk score means to them. 

QRISK®3 offers significant enhancements including better accounting for risk by considering additional conditions including SMI, CKD, Migraine, corticosteroid use, SLE, atypical antipsychotic use, erectile dysfunction (men), HIV/ AIDS  

We are also proud to announce that Primary Care IT will be the first ClinRisk-approved provider of clinical system templates that collate the data used in QRISK®3 calculations.  

Our roadmap for the future includes embedding the wider Q toolset within the OneContact platform.

Our expertise in this area and attention to detail ensures that our templates are both accurate and efficient, further streamlining the clinical workflow for healthcare providers. 

The QRISK®3 calculation functionality will be available on the OneContact platform by the end of March. 

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress!

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