What we do


As more NHS services move online, providing a consistent, user friendly and accessible website for the public is vital. With Practice365, your GP practice can have a beautiful website with the tools to manage demand, improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

  • Used by over 800 practices
  • More than 15m Patient Visits Per Month
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  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Digital Signposting
  • Dynamic Forms and Surveys
  • Content Sharing and Broadcasting
  • NHS Approved
  • Content Library
  • Integrates with your digital services
  • Secure, UK Hosting
  • UK Datacentre
  • Domain Registration Included
  • Unlimited Updates, Support & Training
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Language Translation
  • BSL Translation
  • Accessibility Tools

Easy to manage websites for everyone.

Practice365 includes everything you need to take control of your digital demand – supported by a team of Primary Care specialists.

Drag & Drop Editor

Create a great, easy to use website for patients, quickly and visually.

Insert articles, photos and videos from our library in seconds, and simply drag and drop to upload your own content.

Update your site or add news in seconds with our intuitive control panel.

NHS Approved Design

Our templates are built using the NHS Frontend Framework (just like NHS.UK), with lots of opportunity for your practices own personality to shine through.

Patients can also access trusted health content from NHS.UK within your practices own site.

Digital Signposting

We make sure your patients can find and use your digital services – without creating additional demand.

Easily signpost patients to Patient Access, SystmOnline, NHS App, Engage Consult, DoctorLink, eConsult, EMIS Online Triage and more.

Accessibility & Translation

Your Practice365 site comes fully loaded with a range of tools to make sure all patients can access your digital services.

We meet all modern standards, including WCAG AAA.

Dynamic Forms and Surveys

Quickly create bespoke forms for patients to complete – responses are securely sent direct to the practice, and can be SNOMED coded straight to EMIS Web.*

Content Sharing and Broadcasting

Share content across multiple websites. Save time by sharing content within your PCN. Add updates, pages and news across all your websites with one click.

Payment Forms

Accept payments for letters, reports and other services online.

Content Library

Comprehensive library of patient facing content ready for you to use.


Automatically publish or hide content based on date or time of day.

Social Media

Updates to your website are automatically shared to your social profiles.

Email Newsletters

Allow patients to subscribe to automatically generated newsletters.

Image Library

Quickly find and upload high quality licensed images for any subject in a matter of seconds!

Search Engine Optimised (SEO)

We make sure your practice can be found on search engines easily.

Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant

Patients can find and listen to information about the practice on all voice devices.

Mobile Friendly

All the same features, and the same great design, on all devices.

Plus, Publish your own practice app to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


All Practice365 sites are secured with SSL certificates as standard.

Reporting & Analytics

Our privacy preserving analytics provides you with rich data about website usage – without tracking patients or falling foul of GDPR.

Free Migrations

Kick start your new site with our free migration service.

Our specialists will migrate your data and advise on the best practice to ensure a smooth transition.


per year + VAT

Website + App

per year + VAT

Primary Care Networks & Federations

per year + VAT

  • Practice365 Platform
  • Design & Build
  • Ongoing Support and Training
  • Practice365 App
  • Appointment Booking

Switching to Practice365 is

quick and hassle free.

1. Getting Started

We know Primary Care – That means we can skip expensive research and strategy sessions, and long content gathering exercises. To kick off, we just need a few bits of information from the practice – Name, Practice Code, Current Website address, and the member of your team we should be talking to – that’s it. We’ll do the rest.

2. Build

Our team migrates the content from your website into our platform – We do this by hand to make sure your content looks perfect, and we’ll find and add any content that might be missing.

3. Review

We send you a link to your new review website – you and your team can access it, but patients won’t be able too. Look it over, and let us know what you think. We can make any changes at this point, or any time in the future.

4. Launch

Once you are ready to go live, just let us know. We liase with your current provider and manage the entire process for you.

Free Website Audit

How does it work?

Simply enter your website address and your email address.

We’ll run a set of automated tests and email your PDF report within 20 minutes.

What do we check?

  • Accelerated mobile pages
    Test whether the pages of the site are AMP optimised.
  • Accessibility
    A check against the WCAG accessibility standard.
  • Alternative text
    Measure whether the website for this practice is properly using alternative text (a key SEO and accessibility fundamental, and indicator of website quality).
  • Amount of content
    Measure the amount of text content found on the website.
  • Analytics
    Determine whether the business is using analytics to measure visitor behaviour, and detect what analytics solutions are used.
  • Bot blocking
    This test checks what user agent blocking is in place by using the robots.txt file.
  • Bounce rate
    This test estimates what the bounce rate for a website is.
  • Broken links
    This test checks for links on a website which point to error pages or missing files.
  • Code quality
    Measure the quality of the code used to build the website. 
  • Contact details
    Determine the contact information for the practice, including their phone number(s), postal addresses and email addresses.
  • Facebook
    Detect whether this organisation has a Facebook Page, and measures the performance of this page, including: number of likes and frequency of posts.
  • Favicon
    This test checks for the presence of a favicon on the organisation’s website.
  • GDPR
    Determine whether this website is GDPR compliant.
  • Google My Business
    Detects the results of a Google search for this organisation.
  • Headings
    Check for the presence of heading tags (i.e. H1 – H6).
  • Images
    Measure whether the website for this practice is properly defining images (a key indicator of website quality).
  • Last updated
    Determine when the website was last updated.
  • Video
    Determine whether this website makes any use of video, e.g. YouTube or Vimeo clips.
  • Voice search
    This test checks if the organisation is optimised for voice search.
  • Link text
    Measure how effectively links inside this businesses’ website are defined, for maximum SEO effectiveness.
  • Local presence
    Determine what local directories the business appears within, including Google places.
  • Mobile
    Determine whether the businesses’ website is optimised for mobile devices, e.g. smartphones.
  • Mobile speed (throttled download)
    Measure the speed of the website, and whether the website could be better optimised for higher performance.
  • Open Graph
    This test determines if the website contains Open Graph tags.
  • Organic search
    This test checks how much search traffic an organisation’s website receives from Google.
  • Page titles and descriptions
    This test checks whether page titles and meta descriptions are used on the website correctly.
  • Placeholder content
    This test determines whether the website contains placeholder content.
  • Print friendly
    This test determines if a website is suitable for printing.
  • SSL
    This tests the organisation’s website for use of SSL to keep visitor data secure and improve SEO.
  • Server behaviour
    This tests the organisation’s web server to see if it is optimised for fast loading and search engine ranking.
  • Sitemap
    Checks to see if a sitemap file can be found on the website, and whether it is valid and up-to-date.
  • Structured data
    Determine whether this business has structured data contained on their website.
  • Twitter
    Detects whether this business has a Twitter account, and measures the performance of this account, including the number of followers.
  • Total traffic
    This test estimates the number of total monthly visits this website receives.