Iatro Launches VMS to connect GP Practices with isolating patients

Iatro is excited to introduce our new Voice Messaging Service (VMS), the latest product on the Iatro Hub platform, and its release couldn’t come at a better time. With the UK currently under lock-down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, coordinating with home-bound patients, some of which who don’t have or confidently use a mobile phone, can be a unique challenge. Our new VMS service can help GP practices mitigate that difficulty.

How does it work?

The Iatro VMS allows staff to send voice messages to both landline and mobile customers anywhere in the United Kingdom via our online portal. With our easy-to-use interface, you can speak or enter your message using the portal’s tool set. That message travels to its destination where it arrives as an incoming call. Once the recipient answers their phone, our VMS system reads the message out loud to them, and records any responses.

Helping you to reach your patients

The Iatro Voice Messaging System helps you to dramatically extend the reach of your patient communications. The VMS connects you to patients who haven’t adopted mobiles, or live in areas where coverage is difficult, and it allows your office to establish a mutually convenient messaging option with more savvy tech users.

Our Voice Messaging System allows you to establish a quick line of communication with your most difficult to reach patients, a demographic who are at the greatest risk of social isolation. The Iatro VMS allows you to get important information to your patients quickly and easily when they need it the most.

Essential messaging tools

The Iatro VMS includes a set of robust, easy-to-use features designed to make patient contact easier than ever.

Those features include:

  • The ability to send messages to any landline or mobile phone within the UK
  • An answer phone detection feature that ensures your message is received
  • The ability to template messages and responses
  • Reporting and analytics
  • The ability to message from your own telephone number to help avoid confusion and missed contact
  • Customisable caller ID settings
  • Provides the perfect tool for contacting hard-to-reach patients during emergency situations like the COVID-19 pandemic

Driving positive patient outcomes

One of the most important administrative features included with the Voice Messaging System is the reporting feature. With our powerful analytics tool you can see how patients are interacting with VMS, helping you to effectively tailor ongoing messages, capture patient rate of response and peak response times to help your practice use the portal effectively and efficiently, tightening your patient safety net.

Our reporting feature can help you build more positive patient relationships, driving better healthcare outcomes for your practice.

Messaging with safety and security

Our VMS system lets your practice interact with your patients safely and securely. Our web portal is fully encrypted. We feature automatic backups of your data and 24/7 monitoring from our team, as well as a DSP toolkit compliance and cyber essentials.

Make the connection

Iatro is proud to be releasing our Voice Messaging System, especially in this time of great need. With the VMS added to our platform, you can keep in touch with your patients when they need you the most. We invite you to contact us for a tour of our VMS web portal.  

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