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iatro approved for Digital Outcomes 6 Framework

iatro has been awarded a place on Digital Outcomes 6 – the Crown Commercial Service framework that provides a trusted route for the UK public sector to procure bespoke digital solutions and services using an agile approach.

Crown Commercial Service Supplier

Thomas Porteus, CEO of iatro, said: “We are pleased to have be able to offer healthcare organisations our services through a new procurement route and to be able partner with Primary Care teams on a variety of digital projects. ”

The Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework makes it faster and easier for public sector organisations to find specialist help for their digital projects.

Digital Outcomes 

iatro provides expertise and services in the following areas:

Performance analysis and data
Service delivery
Software development
Support and operations
Testing and auditing
User experience and design
User research

The Digital Outcomes framework is expected to go live in August 2022 and can be accessed via the Digital Marketplace.

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