Four Ways Your NHS GP Medical Practice Can Benefit from an Intranet Platform

Modern healthcare is all about driving high-quality patient outcomes. Your quality measures are in direct correlation to the efficiency and cohesiveness of your practice.

In order to foster a practice filled with teamwork and communication you need a powerful tool set that brings together all your medical practice’s key stakeholders. An intranet is the perfect way to manage your workforce, bolster employee communication, and improve your operational efficiency. 

What is an intranet?

An intranet is a private website used by employees to communicate with one another, receive important information and updates, and access vital documents. An intranet functions like the internet but on a smaller, more restricted scale. It is limited to company employees and is usually subject to higher security. There may also be HR functions available through your company’s intranet portal. Intranet functions are highly customisable, and no two organisations will have the same exact configuration. 

Four Ways an intranet can help your NHS general practice

A well-implemented intranet helps company leadership provide connectivity and productivity tools to their employees within the context of a safe, internal format. Your NHS general practice can benefit from the added functionality of an all-in-one intranet platform, helping your team to provide exceptional patient care. 

Increases staff competencies and resources

An intranet platform can help to increase your staff’s knowledge base and competency level. One of the primary functions of an internet is to store and categorize forms and information. A centralized repository of information can help you and your practice achieve a greater level of knowledge regarding patient care techniques and regulations.

Improves continuity of care

Another important function of an intranet lies in fostering communication between employees. Internal messaging apps allow doctors, nurses, and administrative staff to easily communicate with one another throughout the episode of care. This level of communication helps establish a more cohesive continuity of care, which in turn reflects upon your patient outcomes. 

Boosts staff collaboration 

Most modern-day intranet platforms feature some kind of social aspect to them. This can include user profiles, micro-blogging, or Facebook-style posts. Incorporating a social dimension to your practice’s operations boosts employee morale and fosters an environment where employees are free to collaborate to improve patient care and are given the tools to achieve that collaboration.

Disseminates updates more quickly

The NHS changes at a constant rate especially given the current challenges facing it. An intranet platform give your practice the ability to quickly and efficiently disseminate key information from wider governmental sources, keeping your practice up-to-date with the latest, most important information possible. 

The Iatro Hub intranet platform

Iatro specializes in online collaboration tools for NHS organisations. The Iatro Hub offers NHS practices a powerful intranet platform to help drive better patient outcomes and coordinate care.


Our intranet gives your practice an unprecedented level of control over groups and users. You can control public versus private content and organise groups with the ability to set permissions on an individual basis. This allows you to group users based on role, giving direct care staff access to sensitive information without leaving administrative staff out of the loop.


Our messaging applications feature a robust set of options for communicating, sharing, and collaborating together in an online format. We give you the ability to customise your messaging options. You can set up groups or one-to-one messaging and even share a diverse set of file type between users.


The Iatro Hub gives you unlimited storage space for your practice’s most important forms and documents. Using our powerful tool set, you can edit files online and monitor updates with built-in change tracking. You can then choose who has access to each document and share them throughout your practice as you see fit. 

Added features 

Iatro Hub gives your practice access to our human resources and project management tools, making our intranet platform an all-in-one stop for your  most important information and functions. 

Communication and collaboration

Patients expect a lot out of your practice. That’s why your practice should expect a lot out of its collaborative tools.

The Iatro Hub brings messaging, file sharing, human resources, project management, and all the information most crucial to your patients’ well-being under one roof.

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